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1. A fart that is bubbly in nature

2. A fart that makes a liquidy bubbly

sound resembling diarhea.

3. A truly disgusting, juicy, bubbly fart that sounds as though the person has just dropped a liquid bubble bomb in their pants.
Anna: That was disgusting! Do you need to wipe?

James: No, it was just a Champagne Fart
by Squeeby July 03, 2010
1. A short term relationship in which both partners simply bang. Usually short in duration and often formed at clubs.

2. A sex only relationship in which both partners aren't friends.
Richard: So, are you and Masha going to be one of those "Friends with benefits"?

James: No, I think we're better off simply keeping it as a Banglationship.
by Squeeby July 21, 2011

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