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A person that :
1.) wears dark clothing
2.) has a dark sense of humor
3.) has tons of piercings
4.) is overall a very dark person
5.) knows the devil very well
6.) likes Tool, Drowning Pool, System of the Down, Marylin Manson,
7.) normal people do not understand
8.) can be a punk who wears black and white
9.) can sometimes be a vegan,
10.) suffer from bulemia at a young age
11.) likes to mess themselves up with drugs and booze
12.) has a morbid outlook on life

Alternate definition:
- one of those statues on old gothic cathedrals
"damn she looks like a goth"
"eeew you're putting ketchup on that, you're such a goth"
by SqueakyClean December 30, 2004

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