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When your pants bunch up in the crotch, giving the illusion that you have an erection when you really don't. Can lead to very awkward moments.
Girl: "What the- do you have a boner?"

Boy: "What? No, my boxers just bunched up a bit. Got a little ghost wood there."

Girl: "Ya lying bastard!"
by Squeakee July 19, 2009
A country that abandons it's own culture and customs to be like the United States has been Amerified.
Countries around the world, such as Great Britain and Canada, are constantly being amerified.
by Squeakee March 27, 2009
A Mafia hit that is either complicated or botched completely because of the use of hard liquor.
Bruno: "Those guys-a who nearly killed Jonny Salami last-a night-a were a-completely wasted."

Pasquale: "What-a were they drinkin', Whack Daniels? No wonder they-a missed."
by Squeakee February 25, 2009

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