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The term for when somebody purposefully makes a typo. They know they are making it.
usually it is
-to make something more subtle
-to hint
-to confuse the other person
-used when someone is roped into having to explain themselves, but they don't want to totally get their point across clearly
-kinda like mumbling, but in typing form
Example 1-
Jamal- wtf did you make out with my girl last night?
Samir- no what are you talking about
Jamal- I'm talking about seeing you make out with my girl last night
Samir- oh well like she was kinda like mon me so i just kinda tlde her yrah and it was lkee idk

Example 2-
Girl is trying to get across that she doesn't want to hang out her house, but she does want to hang at his. But she doesn't want to say this so she says:
i'm down for anything but sittin around at m house

"m" was the typekno.

by SqueakJ February 14, 2009

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