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Insultlamen def: an insult which bears some form of complimentary fact. Opposite of a complisult.

(V) To be insultlamented
"you are the biggest dick I have ever met"

"Why thank you,I feel so insultlamented"
by Spyk3 August 21, 2006
Fliznatti (Fliz-nat-ee)
(n) Def: a large joint usualy no more than 1 1/2 papers in legenth and of even gerth.

Short form fliznat or Fliz.

Ex Mode : Fliznatti-Fatty
Def: a fliznatti(see above) packed to maximum capacity and only to be smoked by the extreme!
"Hey man wanna pitch on a fliznat?!"

"Dude if we all pitch we can spin up a fliznatti fatty!"
by Spyk3 August 21, 2006
To teabag with a friend!

(N) The hobbit hooker,cuz some time you just hafta put on 2 to feel safe.
"Hey come here and help me give this fucktard a double-baggins"
by Spyk3 August 21, 2006
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