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All Messed Up, In Disarray, A Mess
After the amateur got into his computer, the wiring was all cattywompous
by Spyguy September 14, 2004
n. The bloody mess that's left when a war on attempts to peel a hand grenade.
That war on didn't know the difference between a hand grenade and a coconut. Now look at this mess! Bomb sauce splattered all over the tent!
by SpyGuy March 03, 2004
It's actually one word ... waron ... rhymes with "moron" ... a totally inept soldier who's more of a liability to himself and his own troops than he is to the enemy ... doesn't know one end of a rifle from the other.
Look at that dumbass waron trying to peel a hand grenade!!!
by SpyGuy March 03, 2004

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