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An alternative rock band from New York City, started in 2001. It consists of Peter(or "Pedro") Yanowitz- bassist and back-up vocals, Chantal Claret (vocals, married to Jimmy Urine of Mindless Self Indulgence), Alfredo Ortiz and Phillip Shouse. Their hits include Take Off Your Clothes and Nth Degree.
I just got my dad to order me the new Morningwood CD from Amazon, without first finding out the meaning of the word. (seeMorning Wood for more details)
by SprocketTalker May 04, 2009
A cucumber soaked in evil.
Bob: Hey, you want a pickle?

by SprocketTalker July 14, 2009
A quality possessed by irritating singers/musicians

(on a scale measured in Bublés)
Oh, I hate that Paulo Nutini, he has such Bublé Annoyance Factor!!
by SprocketTalker November 08, 2009
Speaks for itself, really. The act of raping, violating, or otherwise molesting someone's elbow.
This is usually characterised by frequent rubbing or squeezing of the elbow against the will of the person attached to said elbow.

B) Aww... Emma! How many times do I have to tell you.... no elbow rape!!!
by SprocketTalker May 12, 2009
An amount of marijuana as big as one's bicep muscles. A combination of the words "fuica" and "bicep".
Stoned dude- "Hey! I got some fuicep out the back, wanna join me and get uber-stoned?"
by SprocketTalker May 04, 2009
a.k.a Jimmy Urine
A) Did you see James Uringer last night at the concert?!

B) Who?!

A) Jimmy Urine! DUH!!!!

B) Oh.... yeah!!
by SprocketTalker May 12, 2009
A saliva and sweat machine; one with a pedantic obsesion with signs and chalkboards.
Gillian: Hey Lauren, w... why are you drenched in SPIT?!?

Lauren: Well, I forgot my umbrella and sat too close to the Laird!!!

Gillian: Aww.
by SprocketTalker October 03, 2009

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