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word, phrase or staemenr someone makes that is way out of line, shocking, and just in poor taste, inappropriatet, etc.
He called her a W----e! I can't believe he said that. it was totally awefensive!i
#inappropriate #tasteless #offensive #shocking #jawdropping.
by Spootin1 April 25, 2012
The envelope that comes with the bill so you can send it back with a check!
The bill came with an enclosed senvelope.
#return #sendvelope #draft #chillbill #payvelope
by Spootin1 October 27, 2010
turn signal that annoyingly stays on in the car ahead of you.
The idiot ahead of me still has his turnt signal on after making the right turn.
#excess signal #non-cancelling signal #faulty signal #blinker run-on #over signal
by Spootin1 December 02, 2010
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