7 definitions by Spoogie McSpooge

An unintelligent female.
Ronda fucked up my food order. She is such a dizzy cunt.
by Spoogie McSpooge August 15, 2003
Dried up spooge.
That chick needs to wash her face, she has nut crust all over it.
by Spoogie Mcspooge August 14, 2003
Neck Car is the national sport in Alabama.
by Spoogie McSpooge August 21, 2003
To get beaten up by a group of lowlifes, or bums.
Damn, I got bum rushed by a bunch of hillbillies last night.
by Spoogie McSpooge August 14, 2003
Euphemism for a stripper skank.
Jill is supporting her crack habbit by becoming an exotic dancer.
by Spoogie McSpooge August 20, 2003
See: Spooge
I spooged like a freight train last night, all over my bitch's face. She is such a spooge monster.
by Spoogie McSpooge August 21, 2003
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