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1 definition by Splitpin

Isle of Wight
Island off the south coast of England. The Big Diamond.
6 miles south of the two overner cities of southampton and portsmouth where Scummers come from (from dock strikes many many years ago). It held the second biggest pop festival in the known galaxy ever (600,000+) when countless 1000's of hippies lay on the pavements of every town and village out of their tiny's on strong pyschodelics.The island is run by a load of trumped up inbreds who wife swap in the woods on full moons. The law enforcement consists of dimwits transferred from other areas of the country where they're either too stupid to fit in or have caused some great calmity so that they can no longer stay. They also wife swap in the woods on full moons.
Many beautiful beaches,many beautiful people, many old twats retired from london. Two blinding festivals and alot of very talented artists and musicians. The biggest of the two feativals is The Isle of Wight Festival reveived 5 years ago, now hosts now around 75,000 each year. Acts have included paul Wellar, David Bowie, REM, Coldplay and 2007 The Rolling Stones will headline. The local fuzz mount a sniffer dog on the gate to discourage drug pushers. However the drug pushers just wait till they go for their 3 hour lunch break then wheel in their booty. Meanwhile the fuzz come back and strip search pensioners who may have brushed passed somebody smoking a joint 3 weeks ago or some poor git with prescribed medication for a dodgy ticker, all this the sniffer dog picks up(He too was transferred from another county for leg roggering). This caused outrage and many complaints where lodged of the treatment of innocent festival goers. This did nothing to help the local fuzz's reputation of having the foresight and intelligence of an argentinian dung beatle.
Apart from that the place is great, give it a try.
Do you need a passport to go to the isle of wight ?
by Splitpin April 12, 2007