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the removal of a person's clothing in the process of searching for weapons, drugs or contraband
Before the police do a strip search, they should take you to dinner and a movie.
by yorrick hunt January 22, 2008
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A cop or a security guard at a prison who tells you to take off all of you're clothes checking to make sure you aren't hiding Drugs or any Weapons.
The Cop Tells Sara to undress and then serchers her for any drugs or weapons.
by Jim April 07, 2005
The exhaustive "search" of your cash register receipt--a "strip" of paper-- that is performed by the Granny Gestapo when you attempt to exit a Wal-Mart store. This process is made more difficult because the Gestapo Associate usually has poor eyesight, and the items on the receipt are represented by unintelligibly abbreviated code names. In Wal-Mart's eyes, every honest shopper is a potential shoplifter.
The Wal-Mart checker was too lazy to bag the toilet paper, so I was strip searched by the Granny Gestapo when I tried to exit the store.
by Sam Walton March 28, 2007

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