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6 definitions by Spleenvent

A 'sticking plaster' word used by Americans to cover over the huge gaps in their vocabulary. It is one the three words which make up most American sentances.
The American vocabulary consists of just three words: Omygod, awesome and shit.
by Spleenvent September 11, 2006
2806 1809
This used to be a profoundly inspiring genre of popular music. The name has now been hijacked by a large bunch of talentless twats. The males spit drivel into oversized microphones whilst screetchy female imps gyrate with all the erotic appeal of diet salad.
The announcer said the next feature would be on contemporary rhythm & blues, so I hit the remote.
by Spleenvent September 28, 2006
38 22
The vertical crack that is visible from behind a person who bends over or squats whilst wearing jeans that are two or more sizes too small.
A member of the public tripped over a paving slab and fell into the open trench. His spectacles broke as his head got stuck in Big Dave's arse cleavage
by Spleenvent September 04, 2006
21 14
To apply lateral tension to a waistband using the legs in order to avoid ones trousers/pants/skirt falling into the puddle of piss on a lavatory floor.
Everything was going to plan until a suprise arse flapping fart caused his squatstretch to loosen and his pants fell into the half inch puddle on the floor.
by Spleenvent September 05, 2006
15 10
Individual who pretends to be interested in local issues in order to gain election to the local council. In fact they just want to get rich developing their own property and spend all their time licking the arses of planning officials and their friends, who are also district councillors.
Bob Slime was as well known as a district councillor as he was for demolishing old ladies houses and building shit awful flats.
by Spleenvent May 18, 2007
15 12
The ultimate game for socially dysfunctional males. It combines all the bogus camaraderie of paintball with the isolation and pointlessness of computer games.
Police officers broke into the apartment after neighbours reported they hadn't seen Billy Fuckwit for over 10 days. They found him dead wearing just a comedy beer drinking hat, slumped over his PaintStation.
by Spleenvent September 04, 2006
17 15