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when someone has all 4 limbs (arms and legs) on the ground and slowly spreads apart and slowly lowers themselves down till the tip of their penis touches the water in a toilet intentionally. and likes it.
"dude why are you pullin a wroge?"


A: MAN i feel like masturbatin!
B: FuCK that, just pull a wroge!
by Splashtastic22 January 27, 2009
a terrible disease. SUTS stands for Sudden Urge To Spin. people with the disease have sudden spin attacks where they must spin, whether they are standing,running, walking,having intercourse, rope climbing, praying, preying, fighting bandits, watching porn, washing a boat, riding a bike,skateboarding, sitting on the toilet, hugging grandma, getting a tattoo, performing or receiving surgery, incubating eggs, drawings dinosaurs, standing with a knife in a crowd, at war, bolwing, scuba diving, performing a WROGE, caressing someone, slow dancing, making out with a girl, while receiving road head, watching SNL, playing Rock Band, enjoying lemonade, voting, shaking hands with Barack Obama,taking a shower, driving, or any other situations you can think of. SUTS can be very dangerous.there are 3 types

type 1- people suddenly spin, but can control the urge with medication.

type 2- people spin uncontrollably at random times. medication is the only way to keep SUTS T2 under control.

type 3- you just spin. forever. until you die.

Not to be confused with HALF-SUTS which is spinning 180 degrees to avoid a nasty bitch but blaming it on your disease.
"holy shit, joey got SUTS and died!"

"i have SUTS and i am a world famous ballerina!"

"my old baby sitter had SUTS, she used to pick me up and spin, it was fun."
by Splashtastic22 January 27, 2009
a diseas in which you suddenly need to finger your own asshole. there are some sick fucks out there.

"man did you hear that dave has Butts, his hands stink!'
by Splashtastic22 January 27, 2009
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