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ACCAPELLA RAPPER SYNDROME. the inability to stay on beat when u rap or mc'ing and or not knowing where the even/down beat is..suffers of this disease will have problems staying on beat and or you find yourself listening to them waiting for the rhyming part that never comes..
johnny rapper always writes 15 (bars) instead of 16 or 11 and half instead of 12.. usually said such rapper has never wrote to beats in early part of career. known sufferers of this disease is CAPPADONA, FREEWAY,RZA and early SHEEK LUCHE.. AND MOST POETS(spoken word artist) THAT TRY TO RAP!! A.R.S is the abbreviation for ACCAPELLA RAPPER SYNDROME
by Spitts Mcman September 27, 2010
homo-suspectual the act of being considered to be suspected of ambiguously gay activities that cant really be proven but is highly suspected or probable. could also be guilty of homogenious activities...
a guy wit a pic of chiseled abs and python biceps and no face.. friend requesting other guys on social networks thats homosuspectual my nigga.. or a guy hitting ya chat box on facebook and the 1st things he says is "what you doing?" or "how was your night last night?"... now thats homosuspectual ..
by Spitts Mcman September 26, 2010
ass or brains is another term for heads or tails - ass being tails and brains being heads.
ok were going to flip the coin .. call it .. ass or brains ?
by Spitts Mcman May 26, 2011
ass or brains is synonymous with heads or tails. ass is tails and brains is tails
ass or brains is asked while(or before) a flipping the coin, you ask ass or brains, and if the coin lands on "heads" its brains.. and if it lands on "tails" its brains
by spitts mcman October 07, 2011
gayity is used to describe different levels of gayness
you see that male rapper kiss that other rapper on the lips? that was a level 10 act of gayity. the highest level of gayness
by spitts mcman October 07, 2011
thinking gay but not acting on it
if u can think about complimenting a guy on how he looks in his clothes you have a homogenious (pronounced homah -genus) mindset.. for example thinking another guys shoes is cool is ok.. but to think another guy looks "good" in those shoes or those shoes looks good on another guy is a homogenious thought
by Spitts Mcman September 26, 2010

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