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When a man leans forward, legs apart and has his nackers slapped from side to side by another person.
When Jeremy bent forward, he was scuppered by Tony.
by Spike Morrison May 02, 2006
someone that is dirty
katie never washes because she is such a clatbag
by Spike Morrison November 08, 2009
When you place dirty dishes in somebodies dishwasher and they come and re-arrange them as soon as you have done it.
After dinner Karen cleared away the dishes and filled the dishwasher only to have Linda re-arrange them, challanging Karen to Dishwasher Chess.
by Spike Morrison November 08, 2009
short nap usually taken before a night out before "battle commences" with the objective of having more energy later.
Steve: What time are we going out on the piss tonight?

Martin: I am Knackered so I am having a combat kip before we go.
by Spike Morrison February 01, 2010

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