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10 definitions by Spiderman

Fucking lame bastard program, in about 350 countries. The Dutch version of it was the lamest most bastard idiot moron fucking sucker game, because morons Jamai GumsMaster and Jim Fucking Homo Idiot participated in it.

I hate niggas.

Also see:
You're a motherfucking lame retard. Go participate in Idols 2004!
by Spiderman July 12, 2003
6 19
A fat, clown nosed, stinky, slutty, inconsiderate witch and cheap prostitute.
I've only got a few cents left...all I can afford is mook, and no one wants that.
by spiderman July 13, 2004
22 88
What's up? Hello
What it do?
by Spiderman August 21, 2003
109 185