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5 definitions by Speedyplastic

A true pimp, loved by women, envied by men. A gentleman who never loses his cool. this cat is together kids. learn from Speedyplastic he's the shizz-nat.
Shit man, my life sucks, i wish i was as trick-ass as Speedyplastic, that cat is crazy cool.
by Speedyplastic July 14, 2004
One of my co-workers. known by the customers as "that ass" known by his co-workers as "that smart ass".
Man, this lady just called badandy an ass! ha ha ha ha.
by Speedyplastic July 15, 2004
Shpyda! he's our hero.
Shpyda! get rid of...

shpyda is an enigma wraped in a riddle surrounded by lots of hair...
Dude sometimes shpyda worries me, that cat is keyrazzzy. !!
by Speedyplastic July 15, 2004
One of the devils commanders; also my co-worker, hardcore gamer. player of Ragnorok Online.
Dude: That belial is totally kicking ass in R/O, i mean whats the deal? does he have a pact with satan?

2nd dude: Yeah he does. you should see him play Diablo2, its insane!
by Speedyplastic July 15, 2004
A Shitty mascott used by a shitty pizza place. See also "The noid" and "Jessica Simpson"
"Damn that badandy is such an ass! why do they keep him around anyway, using the heat bags to make a sauna... what a dick!"
by Speedyplastic July 14, 2004