3 definitions by Speedyhobo

A move or decision that only really big noobs do.
In world of warcraft:
Noob: I need more gold because I just bought 3 bags from the vendor.
Non-noob: I'm not giving you anymore gold after that noobmaneuver.
by Speedyhobo July 12, 2011
A combination of the words plastered and wasted, literally the drunkest you can ever get.

(pronounced play - sted) (wasted with play in front)
That guy can't even stand, he's completely playsted.
by Speedyhobo September 05, 2011
An envious, annoying person who likes to ruin moments for other people because they can never have their own similar experiences.
Boyfriend: Drive safe bugaboo :P
Girlfriend's single friend: Urban Dictionary defines bugaboo as a clingy person
Boyfriend: stop being such a palpadolphy because you've never been given a pet name
by Speedyhobo July 13, 2011

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