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A play on the word "Onomatopeia" - Onomatopeia is defined as; the naming of a thing or action by a vocal imitation of the sound associated with it.

For example : Buzz, Hiss or Hiccup

Obamatopeia are the the words associated with Obama when he does anything to this country, as in the much touted Obamacare plan - just as "hiss" sounds like a hiss, Obama + the words describing what he is doing, sounds like a a small animal being sexually violated.

Obama + anything = sounds like someone being forcibly assraped.
American # 1 : Did you hear about Arizona getting sued by the Federal Government for enforcing Federal Laws?

American # 2 : Yeah... they got Obamafucked.

American # 1 : Obamafucked?

American # 2 : Yeah, listen?

American # 1 : I hear it....

American # 1: Its called Obamatopeia
by SpeedwayMech February 10, 2011

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