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An exclamation of supreme excellence used for any thing that deserve it. Started by the god of weed himself, or Blunt Man as some have come to know him, Jay from the weedtastic duo or Jay and Silent Bob.
After buying some "hella Kronic" one might say to his fellow comrade," I just got some hella Kronic. Snooch to the Nooch."
by special_k December 28, 2002
Computer science professor.
Whoa that Minich dude is L337. Bjarne ownz j00.
by special_k April 25, 2003
One who is either prone to failure, deserves to fail, or who's peers wish would fail, particularly exceptionally lazy and unmotivated people
If you keep missing school on purpose, you'll be a failure face...
by Special_K February 14, 2003
an insulting name meaning stupid or clumsy
Nice going, Jeggs! This stupidity brought to you by, JEGGS!
by Special_K February 14, 2003

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