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A rather mysterious kid. Acts nice sometimes, but then weird other times. The kid has his heart in the right place, but he lives in another world, like he's got multiple personalities.
That Minich one can ever figure him out.
by Anonymous May 04, 2004
Computer science professor.
Whoa that Minich dude is L337. Bjarne ownz j00.
by special_k April 25, 2003
let me tell you about this family, they have 4 kids i think....their sisters are hot party girls who like to drink...thye have two guys mark and john. thye are both some what attractive....they do get a lot of girls....i guess im friends with john cuz hes my age..he has a hotass girlfriend....shes fcuking 15 and hes like 13..yea this family is cool i guess. some of them are mean but basically...these guys are studs
Guy 1-Minich...where have i heard that name]
Guy 2- I have heard it too, who hasnt
by danny ledwith April 18, 2005
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