23 definitions by Spaz

its a disease that you can get from smoking so dont smoke.
you can get atherosclerosis from smoking to much.
by Spaz January 26, 2005
Hello!! its only Homer Simpson's favorite word!!!!
by Spaz July 07, 2003
Hawaiian Standard Time (GMT-1030)
Right now it's 7PM HST.
by Spaz November 11, 2003
Someone that incredibly owns in a e-sport game.
Wow! You're good like a m4x0r!
You can't beat this guy, he is good like a m4x0r!
by spaz March 12, 2005
A slight derivative on the word Newbie, Newb, or Noob.
"omg dude youre such a nabi"
"theres too many fuckin' nabi's here"
by Spaz August 05, 2004
its a form of skateboarding or snowboarding in the way you position your feet
i skate goofy-footed
by spaz April 07, 2005
An Indian who acts like he's black.
Look at that blindian, all tryin to act black and shit.
by Spaz November 08, 2003
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