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Samantha's have many friends, but you lose interest in people very quickly. Theycould be brilliant in anything that holds their interest, but your challenge is to finish what you start.They make quick decisions, often hasty, for their decisions are not always the result of careful, logical analysis. Their name makes them an intense person with a need for constructive outlets through creative expression; otherwise you could be driven to indulgence as an escape. Health weaknesses due to the intensity frustration.
The name Samantha makes you a natural entertainer with artistic, versatile, and creative qualities.
by SparkleGirl May 14, 2015
An individual in police training, or one who aspires to become a cop. Also can be used to describe people who are total downers and want to sabatoge fun and illegal activities.
Eric is a total Jr. Bacon and called the cops on our party.
by Sparklegirl May 08, 2008

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