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A drinking game originating in Headington, Oxford.

The game consists of passing a 2 litre bottle of ice-cold Strongbow cider round a group of 4 - 8 people. The object of the game is to down as much as possible during your turn whilst the other players taunt you, insult you, poke you, tickle you, make jokes about your mother and generally try to make you spill cider all over your face. Works best if players are already drunk. (Also much more amusing this way.)

Common side effects of playing are violently painful brainfreeze, crying, projectile vomiting and becoming utterely wasted very, very quickly.

There is no real winner in the Strongbow Challenge.
"I haven't been crying - I just played The Strongbow Challenge!"

"I just played The Strongbow Challenge with Laurence and now I feel as if I have been knifed in the brain."

"I'm NEVER playing the Strongbow Challenge again!"
by Spanish Sam December 06, 2007
The time of year (usually between mid-July and September) where weather conditions in the UK are MOSTLY wet and gloomy, rather than ALWAYS wet and gloomy.
John: What a wonderful British Summer we've been having!
Paul: Indeed so, only 70% of my barbeques have been ruined this year!
by Spanish Sam August 04, 2009
Term used to describe a male whose abnormally limited mental capacity means that he is only good for one thing: providing cock services (Usually casual sex)

Can also be used as a synonym for a gay nightclub or gay bar.

"That is quite possibly the dumbest thing I have ever heard, you complete and utter cockshop."


"Yeah, you can always find Matt at the cockshop on Friday nights."
by Spanish Sam October 03, 2007
Unlike its name might suggest, a cat sandwich is in fact entirely free from small feline creatures.
The "Cat" in a Cat Sandwich is actually just an acronym for the sandwich's filling; Cheese, Avocado and Tomato. (With pepper on top for extra deliciousness)

The fillings should all be sliced, with the cheese on the bottom, tomato in the middle and avocado on top.
Sam: Christ I sure am hungry. I could go for a fresh Cat Sandwich right now!

Rosie: That's sick! You eat poor little kitties!?

Sam: No, silly ho! It's a cheese-avocado-tomato sandwich.

Rosie: Eww, avocado...
by Spanish Sam January 20, 2008
The facial expression made involuntarily by someone after downing a shot of sambuca, burning or otherwise.

You gotta love the burn.
"Damn holmes, you were pulling some serious sambuca faces before you passed out."

"You should have seen your sambuca face!"

"Look at this photo of your crazy sambuca face on my phone, dog."
by Spanish Sam August 25, 2008
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