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Term used to describe a male whose abnormally limited mental capacity means that he is only good for one thing: providing cock services (Usually casual sex)

Can also be used as a synonym for a gay nightclub or gay bar.

"That is quite possibly the dumbest thing I have ever heard, you complete and utter cockshop."


"Yeah, you can always find Matt at the cockshop on Friday nights."
by Spanish Sam October 03, 2007
A bar that typically has WAY more guys than girls. These are usually sports bars and the occasional pub.


A bar that has way more male employees than female employees, but isn't a gay bar.
Maloney's is a total cock shop. I mean, there are like 15 girls and 40 guys there at any time. Lame!
by PrimePsion July 21, 2009
A very shady hole-in-the-wall type shop where cheap goods are sold. The shop can sell anything from stolen goods to video games to cheap jewelry. Also, the owner may be a serial killer or something of that nature. Never go into a cock shop alone or for an extended period of time. Cock shops may also sell cocks if the owner is asked in the correct manner. Pete loves them.
This cock shop has a TV for sale that looks just like the one stolen from my apartment... WTF! They have underwear with my name on it in here too!

Call the police if I don't come out of that cock shop within 10 minutes.
by Ashua April 10, 2008

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