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something that is really shit.
Yo man this film's so fuckin' bad its ugasko!
by spammy January 15, 2004
Drunk. When one enters a chat, tagboard, or IRC VERY drunk and can't type properly.
"OmG i am SOOOOoooOoooOOoo druimli!1!1!1! *RofLOmfa*
by spammy June 22, 2003
synonym for something.
"jeez, are you nuts or suint?"
by spammy January 12, 2004
Marijuana. For use when you don't want people to knwo what you're talking about.
"Wow man, I'm so messed up. That was some great foliage, huh?"
by spammy June 26, 2003
Marijuana. Use it when you don't want "The Man" to know what you're talking about.
"Dude, can you get me any shrubbery? I'm out."
by spammy June 26, 2003
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