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fupa: Fat upper pussy area, similar to a sperm pooch or sperm dumpster, fupa is the fleshy area that bulges out and extends from the top of the vagina, under the pubic area and in extreme cases may reach as far up as the belly button. fupa that reaches a large enough size to have cleavage is referred to as moose knuckles. if fupa gets so big that you cant tell the front of a woman from her back, she is know as having front butt. not to be confused with camel toe which is a completely different phenomenon.
She was a good lay due to her nice soft fupa.
by SouthernHoopty September 05, 2010
Someone who is willing to try anything sexually, a man or woman willing to experiment with any sexual experience. A person who is willing to try anything sexual at least once.
I am a trisexual, I try anything, cows, chickens, mud! It originated from a Cheech & Chong movie from the 70's.
by Southernhoopty August 27, 2010

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