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A Southern statement of satisfaction with the completion of a task. See also Git R Dun.
Person 1: Did'ja Git R Dun?
Person 2: I Got R Did, I reckon. Ain' gon' be no more problems wit'er.
by SouthernAveBand March 04, 2005
something attributed to or characteristic of thoughts, ideas, or plots performed by moronic females in an attempt to gain something.
Person 1: "Man, did you hear about the way Allison was fucking around with those three guys?
Person 2: Yeah, thats some Dumb Cuntism right there.
by SouthernAveBand March 23, 2005
To acquire a bag containing illegal drugs, esp. marijuana.
I was out scoring a bag, but since the dealer's cool with me, he gave me an extra one too.
by SouthernAveBand March 04, 2005
A ceramic lamp that has a short in the wiring, covered entirely in duct tape.
Joe: That Butt-Ass Lamp is so cool. Where did you get it?
Bob: In an alley 2 feet from your mother's ankles!
by SouthernAveBand June 09, 2005

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