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A name for a very ladylike girl.

She always dresses nice; has a good sense for fashion.
She loves jewelry.
Build very petite, with a nice body and legs.
Usually not very tall, of medium height.
Loves the bush, like to go hunting.
Even though she is petite and ladylike she can do anything a man can do.
Very good mother.
Has strong familly values.
Normally an accountant or something in the financial bussiness.
Can be a scrooge when it comes to money.
Very loyal and hard worker.
you can trust your secrets are safe with her!
Hey, call Esme, she will fix that for you!

Watch out for our MD, Esme, she is moody today.

Esme was so kind to lend uss some money last year when we were out of work.
by Southafricanfrenchman February 05, 2010
Marelize is a girls name, usually this person has a very soft and kind nature.

-She cries often and her emotions can overwhelm her easy.
-Very forgiving person with a big hart, always willing to help those in need.
-Normally a dark complexion with blue eyes and brown curly hair.
-Looks like a angel, and acts like one to.
-Has a beautifull face.
-Normally a Marelize has a fuller figure and beautifull full breasts.
Look! There go Marelize!

My God, Marelize has the most captivating face and eyes.

Marelize helped her familly financially.

Wow, Marelize has nice boobs!
by SouthafricanFrenchman February 05, 2010

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