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1 definition by Source40

1. The act of trying to make sure that people know that you are right because you are usually right.

2. To be all encompassing, well rounded, well accomplished
Sally: "What is the capital of Idaho?"
Jim: "May?"
Bob: "Boise?"
Sally: "I think it is Boise as well."
Bob: "It's Boise."

Jim: "Yeah, that's right, Boise"

Bob: "That's the answer Boise, that's what I said."

Sally: "Yes, we know you are correct Bob, you don't have to pull a jarod."

2. He is the CEO of a large corporation, a volunteer coach in 2 sports and still spends most days with his family. We don't know how he does it, he's truly a jarod.
by Source40 July 31, 2008