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Juliet Joslin is the wife of sex god Julian Casablancas, lead singer of The Strokes. Their marriage sparked aggression and depression in many a fan, as they questioned why Julian didn't, in fact, marry someone much more attractive like themselves. The sickening similarities between their names, mimicking perfection, and the SEX GOD marries common band manager idea are just some of the contributions resulting in fans being pushed over the edge, making her possibly the most hated celebrity spouse of today.
Oh my god, i hate Juliet Joslin, i thought Julian was going to marry ME!
by SophXxx August 12, 2006
Captain Jack Sparrow, played by the super sexy Johnny Depp, is the enigmatic star of "Pirates of the Caribbean". He is constantly drunk, sneaky and extremely lucky, not to mention the hottest pirate to have ever roamed the sea - AHRR. Captain Jack Sparrow is adored by horny fan girls and captivated viewers alike who didn't realise how much they really enjoyed pirates and or pirate movies until they set eyes apon this metrosexually drunken, kohl-wearing character.
Wow, I didn't realise Johnny Depp's full potential until he wore eyeliner as Captain Jack Sparrow.
by SophXxx August 12, 2006
Mc Donalds is one of the most disgusting fast food outlets that stupid people eat at just because it tastes good. Mc Donalds is killing people with its salty bread and tumor meat. The fast food outlet creates a friendly and family oriented atmosphere with its playground, "Happy meals" and "low fat" salads (see fake advertising), but in reality people need to open their eyes see Mc Donalds for what it really is - the cause of your salty and high fat induced death.
Mc Donalds is going to kill you all. Stop being lazy and cook.
by SophXxx August 18, 2006
Albert Hammond jr. plays lead and rythm guitar in (i'll try not to be too subjective here) the absoloute BEST and revolutionary band in the world, The Strokes. Albert was sent to the elite boarding school "Institut Le Rosey" at 13, where he was lucky enough to stumble accross the sexiest man alive and fellow Stroker Julian Casablancas ( see Julian Casablancas). Albert is probably one of the best dressed men i have ever seen, and enjoys wearing formal suits, usually a different one for each show. He holds the guitar in a high horizontal position, and this in conjunction with his affro mimics sexual intercourse to screaming fans alike.
Albert Hammond jr. your hair is a god in the form of an affro.
by SophXxx August 12, 2006
Vanessa Paradis is a French pop singer, and even though she is actually not that good at what she does her songs, such as Joe Le Taxi, are sort of catchy and cute. She currently resides in France with sex symbol Johnny Depp, which puts her up there as one of the most envied celebrity spouses around (see Juliet Joslin). Vanessa and Johnny Have two children - Lily Rose and Jack.
I wish i were married to Johnny Depp like Vanessa Paradis.
by SophXxx August 12, 2006
Used to describe the unruly affro of one of the most talented guitarists ever - Albert Hammond Jr.
I wish i had an albfro like Albert Hammond Jr.
by SophXxx August 18, 2006
Joe Le Taxi is a French pop song by Vanessa Paradis, long-term girlfriend of Johnny Depp. The song is frighteningly eerie at first, but once you listen to it a few times the occaisional "cha cha chas" grow on you and although you can not understand the lyrics, you become a slave to the hypnotic and rythmic sound of the saxaphone.
Last night i listened to "Joe Le Taxi" and enjoyed the saxaphone solo.
by SophXxx August 12, 2006

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