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Noun) Someone who is such a badass to the extent of not caring for their surroundings and present audience. They are known to swear profusely regardless of their company and do health-risking things such as smoke just to look cool. An American Badass does not necessarily have to be American. This can be used to compliment someone in the highest regards by simply calling them an American Badass.

The wardrobe of an American Badass typically consists of a headband/bandanna of some sort. A sleeveless denim jacket that they may have ripped the sleeves off during a bar-fight. Leather pants acquired from killing a man. Fingerless gloves that expose the fingers so that one can properly give the finger in. The boots of an American Badass are always made from the finest cowhide/leather.
Sonny: Yeah, fuck that bitch.
Brandon: What an American Badass!

Amy: You guys were horrible at the renaissance rally.
Sonny: What are you, an American Badass?
by Sonny the Stuntman February 03, 2009
When a shemale fucks you in the ass through a rip in your pants, resembling a walrus' teeth. This is called a Japanese Walrus Sandwich, which is recommended never to try.
OMG! I just saw this porn and the shemale gave him a Japanese Walrus Sandwich!

Sonny: Why is Brandon walking like that?
Myles: Oh, Ryan gave him a Japanese Walrus Sandwich.
by Sonny the Stuntman December 10, 2008
An expression used to show extreme excitement or utter satisfaction towards a result. When you are extremely happy with the outcome of an event.
Emily: I can hang out with you today.
Sonny: Jiggas in da club!
by Sonny the Stuntman January 27, 2009
This expression is used to express extreme excitement or satisfaction towards something or someone. Can also be said as "OH DIGGA!"
Myles: Dude, I just got a new drum set.
Sonny: OH JIGGA!

Ryan: My uncle just bought me a new guitar.
Sonny: OH JIGGA!

Hot Girl: Want a blow job?
Sonny: OH JIGGA!
by Sonny the Stuntman December 18, 2008
A term used as an adjective to show that something is awesome, wonderful, or extremely cool. Can also be used as a reply.
Ryan: What did you think of The Dark Knight?
Sonny: That movie was Hella G!
by Sonny the Stuntman December 18, 2008
This term is used to describe the embarrassing event in which a male reaches his climax, causing him to ejaculate. When he checks to see his jizz, there is nothing there, as if he ejaculated nothing but a ghost.
Mary: How was the sex last night?
Sarah: oh, it was horrible, he had ghost jizz.
by Sonny the Stuntman December 11, 2008
Often abbreviated as SBTG, a deathcore band from Sacramento, CA. Their lineup consists of four members. Sonny is their vocalist/rhythm guitarist, Myles is the drummer, Ryan is the lead guitarist, and Brandon is the bassist. This band started in August of 2008. Their music consists of fast-paced guitar riffs and heavy-hitting drums. They are a very talented, young band. All of the members are current high school students.
Nico: Dude, did you go to SBTG's show last night?
Jacob: No, I couldn't make it because my dad had to do something with a Japanese Walrus.

OMG! Stand Behind the Giant is so fuckin' hot, I get so wet when I think about Sonny.
by Sonny the Stuntman December 10, 2008

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