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A magnificent actor with such good looks that he could make a straight man turn gay.
Johnny Depp can have any woman he wants.
by Sonic Death Monkey May 08, 2005
The language, communicated by Sai, that consists of gestures used to signify something (four splayed fingers mean "blue"), noises used in place of words, symbols, facial expressions, newly-created words (such as "mamble"), and distorted words (like "peeja").
Yes, "Saieese" does have four vowels in a row, but so does "onomatopoeia."
by Sonic Death Monkey September 10, 2005
To get excessively drunk.
I went to the club last night and we got rip torn.
by sonic death monkey November 06, 2003
BBT literally stands for "baby boy toy." He is a headless mannequin with whom one has sex, and is traditionally younger than the cougar who uses him. An encounter with BBT does not include feelings or intelligent conversation. He is a toy.
BBT is fun, but the toy is not enough!
by Sonic Death Monkey December 13, 2009
Our buddy Dave
Shit, here comes Party Boy. Dave, put your fuckin' clothes back on!
by Sonic Death Monkey November 24, 2003

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