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Retarded way of spelling words in an IM conversation, internet places etc properly..all the examples are listed below this definition.
Also called "No0b Writing" over Internet.
Also theres a big difference between words like "lol, btw,brb, wb etc.."
anyways-n e wayz
I dont know- I dunno
1)Word that comes from the word "Najayo" in Natualc that is used when the corn is black and in a bad state. People have modified the word to "Naco" in order to refer those people who dont seem to have a good education, vocabulary and good-looking.
2) Used by mexicans and by some "wanabbe" people
3) Usually to refer people of low class and bad vocabulary or when someone doesnt seem to have a good look etc..
Quote from people with bad vocabulary and grammar "Le dijistes a la Jenny que el Chuy se fue a la vecindad con la Letty"
Quote from "high" class in mexico "Wey mira a esa naca osea ve su vestido"

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