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An asian woman who comes from the philipines. Unlike other asian women who come from different parts of asia, Philipino chicks have a much darker skin complexion and are generally alot more bustier and filled in :)
My GF is a Filipino Woman
#filipino #philipino #phillipines #woman #asian
by someguy22 October 14, 2006
A crappy grocery store that sells stuff at rediculously high prices. The only cool thing about safeway is that alot of them dont have any security alarms and cameras. Making it a good place to score some free stuff.
I just made a beer run at safeway yesterday and got away with it because they're too cheap to put up security systems
#safeway #store #stores #safe-way #crappy
by Someguy22 October 17, 2006
A person who is half mexican half philipino
I made out with a Mexipino chick last night
#philipino #mexican #asian #phillipino #filipino
by someguy22 October 14, 2006
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