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1. A person who plays any of the three Super Smash Bros. games non-competitively or competitively

Sub variations: Brawler (for SSBB,) Meleer (for SSBM,and 64er (for Smash 64)

2. A member of Smash World Forums, AllisBrawl, or related smash based forums.

3. A collective term for someone who is a competitive smasher
A. The Author writing this is a smasher as he is a member of Smash World Forums
B. Hey look, that guy is playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl. That guy is a Brawler
C. Isai is a Smasher as he has won around 25,000 dolllars from playing Super Smash Bros. and SSBM
by SomeRandomSmasher January 05, 2012

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