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A...genre...of people. The rarest species of humans predicted to be extinct in 200 years. They originate from the cold icelands of scandinavia and northern europe yet are the least hairiest. Characterised by blonde hair and blue/green eyes. Tend to be tall in stature. Nordic women are the most attractive in the world. this is scienntifically proven. Their bloodlines are traced back to the viking warriors who were the most feared in the known world.
"im nordic. im rare. take that you bleach blonde wannabes"
by Some DUDE!!!!@ September 21, 2006
Someone who tries to hard to mould their children into what they deem perfect and the and results are: Teenage Son: Turns into a punk rocker athiest and ends up leaving the bitch with a shocked stare.
Teenage Daughter: Becomes addicted to marijuana and ends up pregant.
Husband: Runs away with his secutary to escape thye nagging bitch.
Soccer Mom: Turns into an alco and ends up with a janitor
"You fucking bitch i hate you you never let me grow up"
soccer mom bitch
by Some DUDE!!!!@ September 21, 2006
An un-written rule given to the amount of time food can be consumed after falling onto the floor. You should pick up the food quickly if you want to eat it. Usually 3-10 seconds before it is deemed to dirty to eat.
"Shit i dropped my toast on the floor"
"Quick dude pick it up. 5 second floor rule!"
by Some DUDE!!!!@ September 17, 2006
Someone who brags about how tough they are and talk as if they're invincible yet when it comes down to an actual fight they will back off and get scared. Much like the characteristics of the Shih Tzu dog who will bark and snarl at something and then flee and cower when faced with the threat.
"Jimmy talks tough but he's really a Shih Tzu. He was picking Barry but by the time Barry rolled up his sleeves, Jimmy was nowhere to be seen"
by Some DUDE!!!!@ September 22, 2006

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