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Extremely tired to the point that people are under the impression you got trashed the previous night.
I was trying to stay awake in my 8:00am class this morning, but there was no point. I was trashed tired.
by Solidpractice October 04, 2010
A completely made up animal. Works great for fooling extremely gullible people into looking really dumb.
Alden: "Have you ever heard of an Arctic Flamingo?"
Alexa: "No, are they real? What do they look like?"
Alden: "Yeah. They live mainly in, well... arctic regions... They are white, hairy, and have sharp talons. But, otherwise, they look a lot like normal flamingos."
Alexa: "Really? That's sooo cool!"
Alden: "Sure is."
by Solidpractice October 04, 2010
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