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When a friend or random person steals your mountain dew or drinks from it with out asking.
Bill: hey that guy stole my mountain dew

Jim: oh you just got dew jacked
by SodaAddict619 March 03, 2010
Any fan of twilight, anybody who has watched a twilight movie or bought a book. Similar to a Twilight whore
*fan girls rush borders*

Normal person 1: hey whats going on

Normal person 2: thats just a mob of twilosers
by SodaAddict619 July 05, 2010
"Grenade + Football + Duct tape = Hail Marry"

One of Chuck greenes favorite weapons in Dead rising 2. It combines the Distance of the foot ball and the power of the Grenade.

Just tape it together and throw at Zombies!
*In Dead Rising 2 Multi-Player*

Jimmy: Oh s*** what was that!!

Ed: Oh its just kevin throwing a hail mary

Jimmy: damn!!!
by SodaAddict619 October 06, 2010

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