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The Bucket or the bucket bong (or even gravity bong) is a very widely used smoking device in my part of the world ( South West England) it is an extremely potent method of ingesting pot or grass first time users will usually "spin out" and have what we call a "whitie" .this is where the user goes a very pale gray color and throws up. But this nausea is very short lived (usually lasting 2-5 Min's) and the resulting effect is a very HEAVY stoned effect.
A bucket Kit is nothing more than a 2ltr plastic bottle with the bottom cut off and the outer labeling removed that is placed top side up into a bucket of water or 3-5ltr bottle with the top cut off. The bottle HAS to be cut evenly or the whole thing wont work. The bottle is cut round about where the bottle begins to curve at the bottom, which results in a 'bucketbottle' and a convenient ashtray with whats left.Then cannabis in whatever form (usually SoapBar!) is placed into a 13mm socket head from a standard car tool-set which has a gauze inside and a ring of tape or sticking putty around the outside to act as an air tight seal and to stop the he. This is know as the 'bucket head' the bucket head is then placed onto the two liter bottle which is already in the bucket of water. With a lighter held over the top of the bucket head .The bottle is them slowly lifted out of the water which causes a change in pressure inside the bottle which results in air being drawn in though the bucket head filling the bottle with smoke so thick you cant see through it. We call this 'cream cheese'. Once the head has been removed (careful its hot!) the user simply places their lips over the top of the bottle and using a combination of gravity as well as a little downward motion they inhale the entire contents off the bottle until the bottom of the bottle hit the bottom of the bucket of water...suck to fast and your going to get a 'mouthwash' which is usually a results in instant vomiting for the guy doing the Bucket and fits of laughter from everyone else.
'What you doing today?'
'fuck it...have a bucket'
by Snowy_uk_west February 03, 2006
The word caining comes from a primitive method of stealing from shops especially ones that sell clothes. The process of caining involves pushing a long bamboo cain through the letter box of the shop you are trying to rob and hooking items (IE clothes) off the rails and by tilting the cain upwards the items slide to the mouth of the letter box where they are easily pulled though. The phrase became associated with the UK drug culture in the mid 90's as caining was an easy way of obtaining money to buy drugs.
The word 'cained' refers to being off your face with the money you made from caining.As the price of drugs like Ecstasy dropped as much as 1/20th of the original street price the need for large amounts of money to buy drugs had decreased and the word is now used as a general term that refers to any state of altered consciousness gained through the use of illegal drugs.
If someone is said to be cained it usually means they have taken so much mind altering substances that they are physically incapable of taking any more.
" ...you were caining loads of pills last night dude..
by Snowy_uk_west February 10, 2006
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