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3 definitions by Snoodybob

A small white girl who is very timid and hangs around extraordinary individuals. Not to be confused with a Meany, a white boy who gets angry very easily is and very mean towards everyone. Is all around a great friend and should not be avoided.
Steve: Wazzup Jess?
Jess: (Screeching Noise)
Steve: OMG, you saw me coming, ya Meaney
Jess: Sorry, I love you (hugs)
Steve: Love you too :)
by Snoodybob October 21, 2010
Not to be confused with "Snooty", meaning snobby, Snoody is a gaming name invented by Sean K. in 2003ish.
Get owned by Snoody, Son!
by Snoodybob November 25, 2011
Screwed, in trouble, if faced against impossible odds, your 'boned' Not to be confused with boner.
Bender: ( A huge army is approching ) "Me Thinks we be boned"
by Snoodybob October 10, 2009