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n. a pet, or animal that has importance to a person. <from SAT 4 KIDS pg.400543>>
please bring <miypenez> out for a walk.

<miypenez> wants some food

if you don't run, <miypenez> is going to bite you.
by SniffleS August 09, 2003
ZOMG is a varient of the all-too-popular acronym "OMG", meaning "Oh My God". ZOMG originated from the imageboard 4chan.org and one of it's members Zardoz.

Always used in all-caps, 'ZOMG' is generally used in a sarcastic manner, more often than not a humiliating fasion. It is also used as a device for stating the obvious.
ZOMG REI-CHAN!!! - A 4Chan user exclaiming sarcastic joy over a picture of Rei from Evangelion.
by Sniffles March 10, 2005

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