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(n) A god figure to many, a myth to some. Origionating from an extremely aptly rated movie from the 70's featuring Sean Connery.

Zardoz is most often associated with complete randomness and strobing flashes of various colors of light. Association with Zardoz may result in blindness, death, or loss of virginity.

One thing's for certain, Zardoz needs moar recognition.

*not to be compared with Weegee
"Zardoz created God, then Zardoz re created man. ZARDOZ" - ZARDOZ, the Movie
by Dongles "the shovel" hungry November 11, 2010
An old school movie featuring Sean Connery. Loved my hipsters everywhere.
Guy: Have you seen Zardoz? Pretty awesome movie. Sean Connery in knee high boots.

Hipster: Be quiet. This hasn't hit mainstream yet.
by sociologist9 August 27, 2011
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