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The greatest con man on the face of the earth. Founder of scientology, a religion based on donating money to gain eternal happiness. As much bullcrap as this really is, millions of people all over the world already belong to this scam, makin Mr. Hubbard a very rich man. It is completly pointless to hate L. Ron Hubbard for scamming so much people; instead, hate all those dumbass Americans (such as John Travolta, Tom Cruise, etc) for falling victims to the most idiotic yet successful scam ever. Fuck it, they deserve to get conned for being such idiots and actually believing that an alien name Xenu ruled the galaxy over 65 million years ago.
L. Ron Hubbard is the greatest con man in the world thanks to all of his idiot followers. My role model, ladies and gentlemen.
by Sneaky Mexican November 30, 2005
An endless amount of information, pornography, and other stuff to do. All put together over countless servers and other crap. Point being, no matter how many games you play on the internet, you'll never win even one. Its just a bundle of wires.
Person 1 : "Dude, we just kicked this clans ass in Counterstrike! My clan won!"

Person 2 : "No they didnt. Nobody ever wins on the internet."
by Sneaky Mexican January 07, 2006
some retarded ass "language" used by lifeless geeks who have nothing better to do than "pwn no0bs" on computer games and call them selfs hardcore cause they are good at video games.
guy :1337 is a geek language.
geek: STFU, n00b. Ill t0tallie pwn y0u.
by Sneaky Mexican October 16, 2005

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