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Sex move involving five guys and one whore. The whore strokes two cocks with her right and left hand, sucks a cock, and gets penetrated in the ass and her vagina by the remaining two cocks. When you draw a line and connect the cocks, it forms a diamond-like shape.
Elvira attempted the diamond the other day; the aftermath was grim.
by SnakeBiter October 26, 2009
A devious sex move used when the man is drunk. While doing your bitch missionary style, when you feel the urge to yack, you imitate Bahamut (from the FF series) preparing to cast Megaflare (spread your arms, flap them slowly, tilt your head back, and take a deep breath). Once you're ready, roar as loud as you can, point your head down towards your bitch, and yack all over her.
I pulled off the bahamut on Amanda last night, and she was proud that I did. What a dirty bitch.
by SnakeBiter November 18, 2009
Where one has feelings for his/her ex and keeps getting in contact with him or her, which results in being pwned one way or another due to being a spin-less retard who can't get over the ex and move on.
Jonny and John were Expwned the other night; they should've known that it was a bad idea to contact their ex.
by SnakeBiter November 02, 2009
Similar to a hook punch except you do it with your penis. One grabs his penis, hooks it to the left or right, and slaps somebody with it across the face.
Brian decided to hookcock his buddy Bobby at the party because Bobby was passed out.
by SnakeBiter November 04, 2009
Sex move derived from Nintendo's Captain Falcon. While doggy-styling a girl, the guy yells "FALCON PUUNNCH!" and immediately pulls out and penetrates the girl's anal so she can feel what it's like to be Falcon Punch'd in-game.
The other night, Alex pulled off the Falcon Punch on the ¢25 whore we bought him. After hearing him yell the phrase, we heard the bitch scream in agony.
by SnakeBiter October 21, 2009
A devious sex move where a man penetrates a bitch's vagina, and then swiftly pulls out and penetrate her ass. When the bitch yells or says something about it, the man takes his dick out of her ass, and goes back penetrating the vagina.
Ken pulled off the double dip on his girlfriend because he found out that she was a skanky ho who slept with nine of his friends.
by SnakeBiter November 16, 2009
Sex move where one gets some sort of spice residue in their mouth (tobasco, pepper, hot sauce, etc.) and give a blow-job. Bonus points if you get the spice in the penis hole.
Brandon was in pain after receiving head from this biotch because she pulled off the fire crotch with jalapeno residue.
by SnakeBiter October 12, 2009
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