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A person who continually uses the comeback "Your Face" Even at inappropraite moments.
"Our neighbor just died."

"You have detention"
"Your Face has detention"
"You are such a your face-aholic that Im giving you another detention."

This comeback can be the best thing ever... if properly used. :]
#your face #your #face #fart face #crap #stupid
by Smurfanator February 08, 2010
A person who frequently asks stupid questions and expects a serious answer.
"Hey, we have a basketball game tonight at 6."
"Oh...is that in the morning or afternoon?"

"I lost my wallet."
"Oh. Do you know where it is?"

These are common examples of frequent brain farters.
#brain fart #fart #stupid #question #retarded
by Smurfanator February 07, 2010
When you get a text message just when you wish you had someone to talk to...and it turns out to be a stupid forward and no one really wants to talk to you.
YAY I just got a text from (Insert name of person you like here)!!!!!!!
Oh dang it...its a false hope text message.
Stupid fwds.
#fwds #text #texting #message #false #hope
by Smurfanator February 08, 2010
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