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A band from the 1980's. They made VH1's most awesomely bad songs at #3. Their song Everybody Have Fun Tonight was catchy for about 2 seconds. The were one of the only bands with enough balls to put their own name into their one hit wonder of a song.
Everybody have fun tonight,
Everybody wang chung tonight.
by Smokey MacPot May 16, 2004
A wise man who thinks jews are good with money (they are). He likes to attend the Drunken Clam where he drinks with his pals Joe, Quagmyre, and Cleveland. He subsides in a small town in Rhode Island called Quahog.
"I love you guys as my neighbors because if you weren't, some smelly Hawaiians might move in."
by Smokey MacPot April 13, 2004
Balls....ball sweat
Im freezing my Vanhouser off.
by Smokey Macpot November 29, 2003

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