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The best video game series ever, sometimes spelled Mega Man though.
Megaman kicks ass!
by Smoke January 09, 2003
Used to push down the contents of a joint so you can roach it, or twist the end up
Mate giv' us a pokey to finish this off
by Smoke November 23, 2004
Also known as a NOOB TUBE in the PC game Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Requires some skill not to blow yourself up when using it. But is an instant death weapon most of the time.
Wow, look at Litz use his Noob Tube like a little panzy.
by Smoke March 15, 2004
One of the greatest radio shows of all time, which only plays video game music.
Are you listening to Super Radio X tonight?
by Smoke January 05, 2003
When a male releases his natural fluids.
Those are the whitest teeth I have skeet across.

P.S Have a skeetn' good evenin'
by Smoke March 20, 2004
No Action, Transport Only. this is when you see a guy in the club with about 6 women around him but he gets no play with them. This is because he drove them there and they used him only as a ride
guy1: look at those fine babes he's with
guy2: don't worry, that's a loser from school, he's NATO
by smoKe January 05, 2005
A network for all the latest news on Grand Theft Auto. Hosting of GTA files, forums, media and lots more.
I am going to gtanewsnet.com to get all the latest on Grand Theft Auto.
by Smoke November 26, 2004
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