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The term used to describe an island inhabitant (although it can apply to the inhabitant of any community) who has reached the pure tranquility and happiness. This person can tell no difference between work and play, goes about his or her day with plenty of panache and grace. Someone who has come to a point in life where he or she has found that the path to true happiness in life is in perfecting healthy relationships within his or her community. This person will usually have a huge amount of experience in world travel, be well-educated and have extremely good people skills. This person can be religious but above everything must have a mastered and educated understanding of human nature and the need for love in all people. This person is a believer. This person understands the secret to knowing the ever-changing vast complexities of the world and hardships of life AND still finding the way to take it's simple pleasures to high satisfactory levels. Wallastars are kind-hearted fearless people.
Ramen: 'You guys love your life don't you.'

Luciano: 'This is what it's all about man'

Ramen: 'yeh?'

Sione: 'That's right my Indian friend, just having a few beers and barbecue on a Sunday afternoon with the family in the sunshine'

Luciano: 'It's all about chilling and relaxing like it was back in the islands'

Sione: 'That's what you call the Wallastar life'

Luciano: 'Yea, I'm a Coconut Wallastar'

Ramen: 'Can I be an Indian Wallastar?'

Sione: 'Sure, you can be a country Wallastar, Japanese Wallastar, African Wallastar, Arabian Wallastar or whatever Wallastar'
by Smith&Western October 04, 2010

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