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The tool with which you hammer the box...MY DICK
I nail more ass than a carpenter does plywood.
by Smash Brown March 09, 2005
To have male homosexual tendencies
This new guy started at work, and man he is definitely picking fruit off the beef tree!!!
by Smash Brown March 24, 2005
A clever name for your Cock!
I got some Stanky on the hang down last night, it was dope...
by Smash Brown May 16, 2005
A dirty lumpy ass dick that reads like a magazine to a blind person
Two weeks after fucking that nasty girl in Myrtle Beach I had the worst case of Beef Braille.
by Smash Brown March 24, 2005
The cash crop most desired by fruit pickers, more specifically male genitalia, even more specifically: MY COCK!!

See Also: Fruit Pickers
Damn that metro kid was all up on my Beef Tree!!!! Fucking Fruit Pickers....
by Smash Brown March 24, 2005
The trickle of ejaculatory fluid coming from a women’s anus after you’ve spooged inside her rectum.
Damn after bustin up in that baloon knot the bitch had mad grommet vommit
by Smash Brown March 22, 2005
getting a girl to have sex with you...
Leslie was over last night, did you get some stanky on the hang down????
by Smash Brown May 16, 2005

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